Goodbye Pluto

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A fantastic song from Vance Gilbert. Enjoy!

Goodbye Pluto
So long to your tradition
And your solo life’s ambition
Of just whirling round the sun

Goodbye Pluto
Being number nine was nice till you
Lost your planetary status
Now you’re simply rock and ice

There are eight that spin before you
And they use up all the rays
That the sun gives to her children
To turn the night to day

Goodbye Pluto
I know, it doesn’t seem quite fair
Three thousand million miles away
And God just leaves you there


And I think I understand
When the spin gets out of hand
Sometimes all that’s left is
How to say goodbye

Goodbye Pluto
All this bidding you adieu
Ah, but both of us know better
That your orbiting ain’t thru

Never mind them, Pluto
With one roll around the sun
Two hundred fifty years go by
And when that year is done

By that time Pluto
They’ll be dead and gone to dust
Taking their opinions with them
Their equations turned to rust



Goodbye old me
You were useful while you lasted
Now I’m dropping off that bastard
That kept springtime out of reach

Farewell, you old familiar
As you track your way through space
There comes a time when all of us
Are done and get replaced

So goodbye Pluto
You’ll be salty for a while
But a couple trips around old Sol and
You’ll be back in style