Indiefair Recording Studios 2010 - 2013

IMusic Recording Studio 2010 - 2013ndiefair Recording Studio 2010 – 2013 with Art Murphy as audio engineer and chief-music guy – recorded some of New England’s best and brightest new and veteran recording artists. Indiefair created and produced the critically acclaimed television series “Indiefair Playlist”. The shows feature “Brett Wilson & Roots of Creation”, “Jen Kearney & The Lost Onion”, “Peter Prince & Moon Boot Lover” and “The Brew”. We also produced Indiefair Stripped Session with artists “Josh Logan Trio” (NBC’s The Voice), Kyle Webber, Duty Free, Tom Dixon, Scott Barnett and more. Thanks to all the artists and crew members. Indeed it was a blast.



Indiefair Playlist Television Series: Below we can see an edited two to three minute preview of individual shows and a six minute collection preview. Full episodes can be seen here. Jen KearneyRoots of CreationPeter PrinceThe BrewCompilation Episode.


Indiefair Stripped Sessions and More: See these other artist performances from Indiefair. Josh Logan, Kyle Webber, Duty Free, Tom Dixon, Blue Matter, Scott Barnett & Gnarlemagne

Josh Logan

Josh Logan


Scott Barnett


Kyle Webber

Art Murphy & Blue Matter


Duty Free


Tom Dixon