“It smells like money if money were made with leather and asparagus”.  Martha Fletcher – Rolling Scone

“The very first time I tried it, it worked beautifully. I couldn’t be happier. Well, actually – I could be happier in general – but as far as this genre of cologne goes, this is a fine example and worth every penny”.  Jack Pissle – GetOffMe.org

 “Call me crazy but is this not the secret sauce we’ve heard so much about?”  Phil (Kid Charlemagne) Larrivee – Horse Caulk Magazine

 “I called support and while on hold, I swear I could smell this stuff coming from my phone”.  Uma Pamarajoo-Smith – Cisco Day Spa, Wax Technician

“I wish I had more”.  Wally Cutshall – Guitar and Bass, Faceplant Parmesan

 “A guy I know – his name is Lester but he goes by Morster. I kid you not. Swear to gaad”.  Puff – The sleight-of-hand Dragon

New batch in progress.
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