Kevin Smith is having a good time with this film. It’s got some odd spots but they are meant to be. Tusk is comedy with a premise over the line enough to be worth the trip.

Remembering James Gunn’s “Slither”.

The Three Rules

This is very good. The book supports the story but this is – in a nicely presented bit – “The three rules: How Exceptional Companies Think.”

Cave Digger

“Be it madness or genius, selfish or glorious, this is an extraordinary story, well told. My favorite of the [nominated] bunch.” Tom Long, Detroit News

“Cavedigger delighted me, nettled me and left me hanging.”
Andrew O’Hehir, Salon.com

“Jeffrey Karoff’s expert pacing turns a quirky tale into the most memorable of the stories.”
Peter Hartlaub, SF Chronicle

“Ra Paulette is an embodiment of the urge to keep living, no matter what, captured on film. “CaveDigger,” is my personal favorite [of the nominated short docs].”
Ty Burr, Boston Globe

Josh Logan at Indiefair

Art recorded Josh, Nate and Paul doing a fews songs at Indiefair Studios back in the spring of 2012. Indiefair donated the studio, production and post-production to the artists with aspiring audio and video students learning about production. Under Art’s wing, young people got to participate on the technical side and artists got some nice media to help the cause. Josh did this song a year and half later on NBC’s “The Voice”.

Mark & Jay Duplass – “This is John”

This short got into Sundance and gave Mark and Jay (Duplass) some visibility. The film was made frustratingly – after struggling to “make movies” (made with no money). Lovely effort here and they’ve since done some great work – including “Jeff Who Lives at Home” featuring Indiefair’s post-production contributions (yay us). Good article from 2012 NY Times here. Since the article, lots more good things. Congrats.

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